Personal Giving Challenge

Earlier today Mary Kate Snow, SWASAP President and AASAP Member, made the following challenge to AASAP members via our Arkansas TRIO Facebook page.

Good morning to my AASAP family and greetings from Washington and COE. At my resource development meeting I learned that we have not meet our goal in personal giving. I am challenging everyone in AASAP to a spontaneous day of giving. Please donate 10 dollars today in honor of one of your graduates. Please comment to commit that you will give your ten dollars and give a special shoutout to honor your student.

Each year Arkansas is asked to meet our Fair Share in giving to COE and as a state we have not yet met our goal for the current year ending in June. So please consider making a personal contribution today to COE. It is very easy and can be done online at:

It took less than a minute for me to make my own personal contribution and I ask that you please consider taking a few minutes to make your online contribution as well! And, if you made your contribution in honor of a special student or group of students, give them a shout-out on the Arkansas TRIO Facebook page.

Jeanette Youngblood
AASAP President