Thank You!


On behalf of the Board, I want to publicly acknowledge and thank our President, Jeanette Youngblood, for her service to the Association which has reached above and beyond any anticipated requirements! Please know that our oversight in showing our appreciation at the conference was a demonstration of our humanity in delegating tasks of a vacant President-Elect position and in no way a reflection of the amount of gratitude, love, and respect we have for her. Jeanette serves this Board and AASAP with heart, drive, and passion, and we are all the better because of it.

Jeanette has inspired each of us in different ways exercising her leadership roles with kindness, warmth, and humor. Her commitment to developing professionals in TRIO is evidenced in everything she does, and we have been blessed as recipients of that investment. Please join us in demonstrating our sincerest thanks to her by commenting below or emailing her your own words of appreciation. (Maybe we should skip a phone call for now since she's knee-deep in grant-writing?)

It has been an honor serving you alongside Jeanette, and we look forward to continuing to serve in 2017 whether on the incoming Board or in the committee work we will assume. We are proud of the work of TRIO programs and proud to have a strong state association in Arkansas. Thank you for your part in making us all "TRIO Strong."


Michelle Hardin

AASAP Treasurer

On Behalf of the 2016 AASAP Board: Shola McFadden-Kittrell, Shawna McKenzie, Billy Ray Huggins, Kathy Fincher, Josue Ramirez, Jennifer Harrington,