Arkansas TRIO Infographics for Data Sharing

Are you looking for a great way to share your TRIO program success with key stakeholders?

The following infographics were created by AASAP board members and utilized at COE's 2015 Policy Seminar for sharing state APR data on the successes of the Arkansas EOC, SSS, and TS programs. These provide valuable information showcasing the impact that TRIO has throughout Arkansas and the return on investment that TRIO provides. In a nutshell, they show how #TRIOworks in Arkansas!

The original documents are available for download and can be used as-is in PDF format (to show 2014 statewide APR data collected from each program) or used as a template in Adobe Illustrator format (that can be updated with your project specific data). Aspects of these files can also be utilized and adapted for other TRIO programs (UB, UBMS, VUB, or McNair). The documents are legal size (8.5" x 11").

The working files are in Adobe Illustrator format (AI program and some AI skills/knowledge will be required to make changes to the .AI file). Fonts utilized in the document will also be needed if you are planning to utilize and make changes to the .AI file. Fonts will not need to be installed if only utilizing the PDF's available. The only font used in the document is called 'Bebas Neue' and will need to be downloaded and installed before updates can be made to the AI document.

AASAP would like to collect information on how these resources are being utilized throughout the state. So, please send a quick email to Nathan Brown at to inform us if and how you're implementing into your program or data sharing efforts.

Arkansas TRIO Infographics currently available:

PDF or Adobe Illustrator Template

PDF or Adobe Illustrator Template

PDF or Adobe Illustrator Template

Bonus 2" x 6" bookmark (.AI format) that can accompany each infographic and provide a little added information and program contact details (featured in picture above). Bookmark will need to be tailored to your specific institution/program, if utilized.

Note: If you make any changes or adaptations to any of the above documents, please update the source section at the bottom of the document with your name/program and credit the AASAP creators. It is AASAP's hope to build upon these documents in future years to eventually include all Arkansas TRIO programs.