COE Annual Policy Seminar

Each year a group of Arkansas TRIO professionals join with other professionals from the TRIO and GEAR UP communities at the Annual Policy Seminar to educate Members of Congress, congressional staff, and the Administration about the history and success of TRIO and GEAR UP.  This event gives participants a chance to represent the interests of low-income and first-generation students and veterans, adult learners, and students with disabilities in the policy arena.  View more information about the upcoming 39th Annual Policy Seminar.

AASAP has a limited amount of funding available to assist in sending members to the 2019 Annual Policy Seminar.  If you are interested in applying for a 2019 Policy Stipend, please complete this form by January 16, 2019.  The AASAP Board will review requests and notify selected applicants of award amounts.

2019 Policy Stipend Request

2019 Policy Stipend Acceptance

Are you a true TRIO Advocate?  

Take this assessment to measure your "TRIO AQ" (Advocacy Quotient).  True TRIO Advocacy often requires your time, money, action or all of the above.  Organization and motivation are key to the success and future of TRIO.  Download and take the AQ Assessment and see how you're doing as an individual.  Or furthermore, utilize as a staff training opportunity to see how you're doing as a program, department or institution.  Source: The AQ Assessment provided courtesy of the Talent Search Programs at the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville.

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In 2012, The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) celebrated 30 years of fighting for college opportunity and access. This video features key moments from COE's 30th Annual Conference "America's Future: The Role of Education in our National Security."