TRIO programs provide educational opportunities for first-generation, low income and students with disabilities. AASAP members are passionate about helping students meet their potential and achieve their goals.


November 28, 2017: Vote on Constitutional Changes

At the fall conference, on October 3, 2017, the AASAP Executive Board received a petition from the membership proposing changes in the constitution. The petition was signed by 81 active members. These signatures were verified by secretary Shawna McKenzie-Neal and given to president Michelle Ciesielski on October 4, 2017. For the following months, the president worked to ensure the most up-to-date constitution was being utilized before any changes were voted on. The 8/20/2008 constitution on the website was found to be the most updated version. The following is the petition that was received:


Petition to strike "Fall" Conference and "Spring" Leadership in the Constitution of AASAP to be changed to "Annual" Conference and "Annual Leadership Institute.

And under Article 7, Section 2 strike "213" (as it already says two-thirds(2/3)).

As stated in the AASAP Constitution, this proposed amendment must be made available to all members at least 30 days before the expected action. This will be done on AASAP's website, social media accounts that direct members to the website, and email.

As stated in the AASAP Constitution, ballots will be mailed to each active member. This will be done via United States Postal Service, as the Constitution does not state electronic mail as an acceptable method. Each member shall indicate "for" or "against," sign the ballot and return it. 

Members are strongly encouraged to review the AASAP Constitution before voting. Please be looking for updates on this issue.

Thank you,

Michelle Ciesielski

2017 AASAP Board Members

The elected officers of this association shall be President, President-Elect, Treasurer, two (2) at large representatives to the SWASAP Board of Directors and two (2) at large representatives to the State Executive Committee.

AASAP Board Members Contact Info (PDF)

AASAP Constitution & Bylaws

We, the members of this organization, do ordain this the constitution of the AASAP – Arkansas Association of Student Assistance Programs, as the constitution for the members of AASAP - Arkansas Association of Student Assistance Programs.

AASAP Constitution/Bylaws (PDF)

AASAP Policy & Procedures

The intent of this manual is to provide guidance, stability, and continuity to the Executive Committee of AASAP. This manual may be revised, modified, or changed upon the approval of a majority of the members of the Board.

AASAP Policies & Procedures (PDF)